Since 1991

Our Mission

The SCAA was founded to provide artists and would-be artists with a non-threatening opportunity to show their work and meet other artists, encourage creativity on the South Coast, and increase children’s involvement in art by displaying their work and funding art instruction in the La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District.

It’s For the Kids!

Kid’s Art Programs

In 2016 show patrons purchased $24,536 in locally created art. Commissions and a raffle of donated art provided $11,650 for kids’ art programs during the 2016-17 school year. Since 1991 SCAA has donated more than $139,650 toward art instruction in local schools. Learn more here KIDS ART PROGRAM

Framing Workshop


Carol Elsworthy of Giltwood Studios will soon conduct a pre-show framing workshop. Last July, Carol demonstrated the art of framing from profile selection to quality matting and proper wiring techniques.

Check back here for date and location.

setting up the IDES Hall in Pescadero for the 2014 SCAA Annual Art Show

27th Annual SCAA Art Show

When and Where

Opens to the public on Friday, August 18th, with a gala reception from 7:00–9:00 p.m. at The Pescadero I.D.E.S Hall, 10 Stage Road, Pescadero, CA. The show runs concurrently with the Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival and is open from 10:00–6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, August 19th and 20th.


Artists living on the rural coast between Tunitas Creek and Davenport will exhibit paintings, sculpture, fine woodwork, ceramics and one of a kind or limited edition framed prints and photographs. Many works reflect the rural landscape: owls and egrets appear in paintings and photos, farm implements are incorporated into metal sculptures and a piece of local redwood becomes an exquisite bowl. You may view some of their work here in the ARTIST GALLERY

Want to Participate?

You can download the Artist Announcement and the Entry Form here.
2017 SCAA Art Show Announcement
2017 Entry Form and Committee Selection

SCAA Featured Artist,

Tom De Hoog

Tom De Hoog is a metal artist and sculptor working from his studio in the hills above Woodside.
  • … I want the work to reflect the struggle of the initial idea as it travels through the hands and out into the metal. I often feel a spark of magic as the metal leads me into unforeseen discoveries. As I yield to its strength, it yields to mine and the partnership produces new surprises and fresh ideas…–Tom De Hoog

SCAA Exhibiting Artists 2017

  • Lindsay Alsadir
  • Allan Bernardi
  • William Bishop
  • Lois Brown
  • Lisa Chupity
  • Tom De Hoog
  • Ed Dickie
  • Mary Dussell
  • Carol Elsworthy
  • Elijah Emerson
  • Ron Emerson
  • Claire Erlin

  • Judy Freeland
  • Susan Friedman
  • Dan Geraci
  • Lora Groves
  • Susan Henkin-Haas
  • Rebecca Holland
  • Kim Hussey
  • Brian Irvine
  • Carol Irvine
  • Sage Lee
  • Denise Marks
  • Michael McKay
  • Diane Moomey

  • Logan Payne
  • Dana Pitchon
  • Mel Preston
  • Sally Rayn
  • Meredith Reynolds
  • Jovany Rios
  • Alexander Rohrig
  • Jane Rosen
  • Beth Ross
  • Judy Shintani
  • Tom Shuman
  • Diane Snyder
  • Yoko Tahara

  • Ken Takara
  • Bill Thompson
  • John Tyler
  • Randy Vail
  • Lorraine Vallero
  • Lynette Vega
  • Jeanne Wardrip
  • Shannon Webb
  • Deborah Webster
  • Gary Windram
  • Mary Windram
  • David Wong